Walmart Shopper Spots Man Holding Sign With Five Powerful Words On It – Immediately Takes Action

When Patrick fell on some hard times and ended up becoming homeless, it was the love of his dog Franklin that got him through. Patrick always made sure that Franklin ate before him, which resulted in him sometimes having to go hungry for days until he could find food for himself.

When Patrick and Franklin found themselves in a desperate situation one day, a woman named Wilma Price stepped in to do something that had Patrick in tears and saved Franklin’s life.

Wilma was walking out of her local Walmart in Huntsville, Texas when she noticed Patrick holding a sign that had five words written on it that had her stop dead in her tracks.

“Dog in pound. Need help,” the sign said.

Wilma is a huge dog lover, so she was touched that Patrick was trying to save his pet rather than get money for himself. Since she only had $8 to her name, Wilma did not think there was anything she could do, so she started walking towards her car. Halfway there, Wilma stopped and turned around, realizing there was no way she could leave Patrick and Franklin behind.

“He looked like a little boy standing there lost,” Wilma said of Patrick.

When Wilma asked Patrick what happened, he told her that he had been arrested for trespassing and spent two nights in jail. During that time, Franklin was taken away and placed in an animal shelter, where he was classified as a stray. The shelter told Patrick he would need $120 to get Franklin out of the pound, and the homeless man was worried that the dog would be adopted, or even worse, put down.

Wilma knew she needed to help him, so she pooled money with a friend and headed to the shelter with Patrick. Soon, Patrick and Franklin were finally reunited!

Patrick started to cry as soon as he saw Franklin, and he could not believe how kind Wilma had been.

“You did more for me than most people have done in my life. You don’t know how much I thank you,” he told her.

Wilma, who is the owner of Mr. K’s Halfway House for Hounds and Kittys Too, did not stop there! She set up a GoFundMe page to ask for donations to help Patrick and Franklin get back on their feet.

Wilma would like this story to serve as a lesson to all to never “judge a book by its cover.” She also said that everyone deserves a second chance in life, and that you never know when it might be you who needs help from a stranger, so pay it forward now!

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