She Thought She Heard A Puppy Crying In The Woods – When She Realized What It Was Her Heart Dropped

A group of women were walking down the street one day when they heard a strange squeaking sound coming from a bush. They thought the sound was puppies at first, but when they peered inside the bush, they saw something that had their hearts dropping.

The squealing turned out to be coming from newborn twins who had been abandoned by their mother in Brazil! The mother had ditched her twins in the bush, leaving them vulnerable to both the elements and to wild animals.

“I thought (the cries) were from a dog and when I looked at them I realized they were two babies,” said one of the women.

As they took the babies out of the bush, the women realized that the babies still had their umbilical cords attached. Police rushed to the scene and launched an investigation to try and find the twins’ mother.

Officers learned that a short time before the twins were found, someone pulled over to the side of the road in a white van and tossed the twins into the bush. The twins needed urgent medical attention, with one of them weighing over six pounds and the other just over three pounds.

The girls were hospitalized as the entire nation rooted for their survival.

Hospital workers named one of the babies Eloa, which translates to “God,” and the other Heloisa, which means “Warrior Woman.”

Police have not been able to locate the mother, so Eloa and Heloisa will be placed in the foster care system unless someone adopts them. We hope and pray that these girls are able to overcome the difficult start to their lives that they have had!

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