Little Girl Frantically Waves Down Car – Stuns Family When She Points At Cliff…

A family was recently driving through Jasper National Park when they saw something that had them stopping dead in their tracks.

As they looked at the beautiful green forests, they caught sight of a small figure frantically waving at them on the side of the road. The figure was actually a five-year-old girl named Lexi, and as soon as they realized this, the family pulled over right away.

Earlier that day, Lexi had woken up in a daze trapped in a wrecked car at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment. Her mother was still unconscious in the driver’s seat, and her baby brother was crying in his car seat next to her. Realizing she had no other option to save her family, Lexi bravely left them behind so that she could go and get help.

After unbuckling her carseat, Lexi made her way up the 40-foot cliff in her bare feet, determined to save her family. After trekking through the thorny underbrush, Lexi was able to flag down the family as they drove past when she reached the top.

“We saw this little girl standing on the side of the road and we were like, we have to stop,” said the family.

The family called for help and paramedics rushed to the scene. When they arrived, they found that Lexi’s mom’s heart had stopped beating, but thanks to the little girl’s quick thinking, it was not too late to revive her.

Lexi’s mother Angela had planned to stop at the next rest stop when she fell asleep at the wheel on that fateful day. She broke her back and her baby son Peter needed neurosurgery on his brain to stop the bleeding, but they are both on the road to recovery.

Angela said that she will always be grateful to her daughter for saving her life.

“When I look her at her, she’s the reason I’m alive,” the proud mother said.

Since saving her family, Lexi has been featured as a hero on Inside Edition and has even been deemed the bravest girl in the world. She’s also been awarded a medal for the bravery she exhibited on that day.

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