Kate Middleton Stuns Prince William With Surprising Move About Their Children

Prince William and Kate Middleton reemerged last weekend for the Trooping the Colour event celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday.

The next day, William left town to attend a charity event with some of his guy friends, leaving Kate home alone with the children, or so he thought. While participating in the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at Beaufort Polo Club on Sunday, William got the surprise of his life from his little family!

As William got on his horse and began playing the polo match, he looked up to see Kate and his children, Prince William and Princess Charlotte, watching him with pride!

It seems that Kate and the kids wanted to surprise William, and they all seemed to have a great time doing it!

George and Charlotte had behaved themselves at the fancy royal event the day before, so Kate decided to give them some much-needed kid time by heading to Gloucestershire, where they had the opportunity to frolic outside while watching their dad.

George and Charlotte seemed to be having the time of their lives as they played together!

Charlotte stole the show with her antics, much to everyone’s delight.

Kate also seemed to be having a good time running around playing with her kids.

We can’t wait until little Prince Louis joins the family for one of these outings as well!

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