Doctors Can’t Diagnose Sick Woman For Over A Decade – Then Two Men Reveal What’s Wrong With Her…

The last ten years have been incredibly hard for 41-year-old Kathi Wilson, as her physical condition has rapidly deteriorated without doctors being able to figure out what is wrong with her. Though she spent countless hours in doctor’s offices, none of them were able to diagnose her.

Things eventually got so bad for Kathi that she was hardly able to walk. Her flu-like symptoms became so hard to deal with that she often spent her days sleeping, as that was the only way she could escape the mental and physical hardships that she was going through.

Kathi couldn’t believe that no doctors were able to figure out what was wrong with her, which is why it came as a huge surprise when it was revealed that there was an all-too-common cause of her mystery illness. On top of that, it wasn’t doctors who eventually diagnosed her, it was two men in a pickup truck.

Ten years after she began suffering from her symptoms, Kathi decided to remodel her dated bathroom and turn it into a sanctuary for herself. As the work began, contractors came to Kathi’s home to tally up the required upgrades. They hatched a plan to redo the the shower, add modern tile, revamp the vanity and replace the water heater. However, when they removed the water heater so that they could install a new one, they made a surprising discovery.

The water heater that was installed ten years ago had been put in place incorrectly. Because of this, the heater had been slowly leaking dangerous gas and poisoning Kathi at the same time, and she had no idea what was happening. As soon as they informed Kathi of this, all of the symptoms she had been suffering for years suddenly made sense!

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