A hilarious story is going viral this week about the moment a nurse told a group of men about the birth of their babies. When you read it, you’ll immediately see why it’s causing people to crack up all over the world!

Four men were sitting in the waiting room of a hospital as they waited for their wives to give birth. A nurse walks out and says to one of the men, “Congratulations! You’re the father of twins.”

“That’s odd,” answers the man.“I work for the Minnesota Twins!”

The nurse then says to the second man, “Congratulations! You’re the father of triplets!”

“That’s weird,” answers the second man. “I work for the 3M company!”

A nurse goes up to the third man saying, “Congratulations! You’re the father of quadruplets.”
“That’s strange,” he answers. “I work for the Four Seasons hotel!”

The last man begins groaning and banging his head against the wall.

“What’s wrong?” the others ask.

“I work for 7 Up!” he answers.

LOL! How cute is that?!

It’s always fun to read a humorous story like this one and have it brighten up our day. These days, it often feels like the internet is dominated by negativity, so it’s fun when something positive like this story goes viral. We want to see this story shared as much as possible so we can spread a positive and fun message all over the internet today!

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