Judge Breaks Down In Tears At Song Little Girl Sings In Amazing Audition

Solomia Lukyanets was just 13 years-old when she auditioned for The Voice Kids Germany four years ago. Wearing a floral patterned shirt and sporting pigtails and braces, Solomia truly looked like the young girl that she was, which is why her powerful voice came as such a huge surprise to the judges.

Hailing from Ukraine, Solomia took the stage to audition by performing Andrea Bocelli classic song “Time to Say Goodbye.”

Before taking the stage, Solomia had already won many titles and awards for her singing, so she figured she would perform well. However, even she never thought that her audition would be so good that it would bring the judges to tears!

Two judges clasped their hands as soon as Solomia started to sing, showing how much they loved her performance early on.

Solomia had only sung one sentence when two of their judges hit their buzzers and spun their chairs around to see who was performing. One judge was so moved by Solomia’s voice that she quickly began to cry!

The audience members looked stunned by the amazing voice of this young girl. She was clearly giving the performance everything she had!

In the end, it should come as no surprise that all the judges pushed their buzzers for Solomia, as they could not have loved her performance more. Now 17 years-old, Solomia is preparing to continue her music career as an adult, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store!

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