Here Are 8 Common Plants That Repel Mosquitoes And Smell Heavenly

Spring is finally upon us, meaning millions of Americans are getting outside again to enjoy the warm weather. One of the most unfortunate aspects of spring is mosquitoes, as the pesky bugs love nothing more than biting human beings.

Bug sprays and pesticides that rid off these insects can be expensive, so we’ve compiled a list of some household plants that will repel mosquitoes and make your house smell amazing at the same time.


Believe it or not, mosquitoes cannot stand the pleasant smell of this plant, which will also bring positive vibes to your home! If you are going for a walk, rub this plant on your skin and mosquitoes will definitely leave you alone.


This beautiful flower contains a compound known as compound known as pyrethrum, which is also used in commercial insect repellents. For the best protection from mosquitoes, keep this plant by the window or near the front door of your house.

Garlic Plant

This plant may give you bad breath, but it will also repel mosquitoes! In addition, it also makes your bloodstream less tasty for mosquitoes.


If you’re sitting around a campfire, throw this plant into the fire to keep mosquitoes at bay. The smell of this plant repels disease-carrying insects and also detoxifies your home.


These plants are such an effective mosquito repellant that people crush their leaves and place them in their pockets. Definitely plant these in your gardens if there are lots of mosquitoes in your area!

Floss Flower

This plant, which is also known as ageratum, secretes an odor that mosquitoes can’t stand. It also contains coumarin, which is found in many commercial mosquito repellents.


The lemon-scented form of this plant is hated by mosquitoes. They always look beautiful in your garden, making this plant a win-win!

Mosquito Plant

Mosquitoes can’t stand the smell of this plant, which is ironically named after them. Crush up the leaves of this plant and either put them in your pocket or rub them on your skin to keep mosquitoes at bay!

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