Fast Food Worker Wows Patrons With a Veteran’s Day Surprise

Everyone loves to have dinner and a show every now and then, but one of the last places you expect that to happen is when you’re catching a quick bite to eat at a fast food restaurant. However, for one group of lucky patrons, they were treated to just that, dinner and a show.

It just happened to be Veteran’s Day and Chick-fil-A employee Dontarius Jamel Young decided to entertain the guests at the restaurant while honoring the people that have or currently serve our country.

He chose the song “Proud to Be An American” and walked to the front door of the restaurant where he sung the emotional and patriotic tune. With all eyes on him, Dontarius wowed the crowd, not just with his actions but with his amazing voice.

The crowd in the restaurant seems to come to a stand still as he sings the meaningful song, and it is obvious that Dontarius is putting his heart and soul into his performance. You’ll definitely want to see this touching performance for yourself.

Check out Dontarius’ amazing performance in the video below and share it with your friends.

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