Every Woman Should Have Her Own Incredible Version of a ‘Man Cave’…

We’re all familiar with the tiny house movement, right? The idea that downsizing and living a more simple life in a little, sometimes portable, house makes for a cozier and less stressful life. We’ve all heard of a man cave too, I’m sure. What if you combine a tiny house and a man cave, but use it for the lady of the house instead?

Well, it’s a real thing and they’re called she sheds, and if you haven’t seen one, you will definitely want one after seeing these amazing pictures. These tiny little abodes are perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and enjoying your favorite hobby.

Women don’t often get a space that is just for themselves. While we like to think of the house as ours, it’s really not our own space since we share it with everyone else. These little spaces, or “lady lairs” if you will, are the perfect space to take some time away and focus on yourself.

Check out these amazing photos and start getting inspired to create a space of your own.

1. This is the perfect area to escape and enjoy a good book.

2. You can go right from your backyard to your garden with a path through your She Shed.

3. A room with a view? Yes please!

4. If you want to share your She Shed, it might be perfect as a destination location.

5. Keep it small, simple, and patriotic.

6. Take a leisurely nap on this comfy couch. I’m getting sleepy already.

7. This extravagant greenhouse is perfect for entertaining.

8. How perfect is this secluded secret garden cottage?

9. A She Shed can make a perfect hang out spot for grandkids or your own youngsters.

10. This looks like something out of a magical Disney tale.

11. If you love crafting, a She Shed is a perfect place to create your own little craft shack.

12. Everything can look fancy with a chandelier.

13. All of your kids will want to read if they have some place like this to read.

14. The natural light of this She Shed will get your artistic juices flowing.

15. Who wouldn’t want a cabin in their backyard? Sign me up!

16. These bright colors really get your attention.

17. This would be the perfect guest house for out of town guests.

18. Imagine relaxing in the cool morning breeze while sipping on a cup of coffee.

19. The perfect oasis that you deserve to enjoy all by yourself.

If you’re inspired by these amazing She Sheds and Lady Lairs, please share them with your friends.

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