This New Camper Will Completely Change The Way You See The Outdoors

As someone who has never been an outdoorsy type, I’ve never enjoyed camping. However, this new camper may have just changed the entire way I look at the outdoors forever!

The Oregon-based startup company Nest Caravans just announced that they have designed a camper that will allow you to travel and camp in total luxury! The camper is both lightweight and affordable, and you won’t need a gas-guzzling pickup truck to tow it either.

The camper is called “The Nest,” and it can be towed by even the smallest cars because it is made from lightweight materials like fiberglass. This is also what makes The Nest so affordable for everyone!

On the inside, The Nest looks like a small sailboat of sorts. Designed to appeal to a younger crowd, the camper has lots of hardwood, stainless steel, and natural light from its multiple windows, including a skylight. Just sixteen feet, the camper makes a very efficient use of space, as it has two burner stoves, a sink, and even a seating area that converts to a bed. In addition, it has lots of storage space, which makes it perfect for a long weekend getaway!

The company behind The Nest has announced that more changes to the camper are coming this summer, as they  continue to improve their design to make it even better! When you take a tour of The Nest in the video below, you’ll definitely want to buy it for yourself!

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