Six Young Brothers Chose to Honor Friend Who Died of Cancer But Gets Bullied…

Even through the teasing and bullying from having long hair, these young boys say they would do it all again.

These six young boys, all sons of Phoebe Kannisto, of Cheektowaga, New York, say they made their decision after watching the son of a family friend lose his battle with cancer.

The boys, five-year-old triplets, eight-year-old twins, and one ten-year-old, made the decision to grow out their hair and donate it after watching the little boy die three years ago. He was their age and they knew they wanted to do something to honor his memory.

The good cause they chose was the nonprofit organization, Children with Hair Loss. Some of the boys haven’t cut their locks in two years to grow it out long enough to donate it to the program.

They’ve endured a good amount of bullying and teasing during the process too. Not just from kids either, according to Kannisto. The boys have been made fun of and teased by adults, even though the boys were doing it for a good cause.

The boys finally were able to grow their hair out long enough and donated over 17 feet of hair. These boys are perfect examples of why you shouldn’t judge people based on how they look on the outside.

To see their journey, check out the video below, and if you like it, please share it. I think these boys need a big round of applause for their selfless actions.

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