She Was Confused When An Elderly Man Cut In Line At McDonald’s – Then He Said Something That Made Her Burst Into Tears

Destiny Carreno had nothing but time on her hands when she visited her local McDonald’s for lunch recently in Chicago, Illinois. She was so patient that she said nothing when an elderly man cut in front of her in line, as she noticed he was in a wheelchair and seemed to be a quadriplegic.

Destiny knows a lot about quadriplegics, since her uncle deals with the same condition, so when the man started struggling to speak, she listened to him carefully. When she realized what he was saying, Destiny forgot all about the food she had come to the restaurant to get.

After a few failed attempts to get the words out, the elderly man was finally able to say “help me please.” It became clear that this man was totally alone, with no family or friends to help him get his food!

Luckily, McDonald’s cashier Kenny immediately took action once he understood the man’s request. He went to the back to wash his hands and walked over to the elderly man’s table to cut up his food for him! Kenny did not worry about the other customers waiting in line or over the fact that this might cost him his job, as the well-being of this elderly man was all that mattered to him.

Destiny was so touched by what Kenny did that she snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook. It didn’t take long for the image to go viral!

God bless Kenny for taking the time to help this man in need! This video shows there is still compassion in world and a reminder that all of us share a responsibility to help those who are vulnerable and in need. SHARE this story so we can spread the word about this good deed!

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