Prince Harry is set to marry American actress Meghan Markle next month, and to mark the occasion, his grandmother Queen Elizabeth is giving him a major honor.

The Queen just requested that Harry be given the prestigious and coveted role of the President of Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

– Today Prince Harry launched ‘Walk Of America’, where six veterans from both sides of the Atlantic are aiming to walk 1,000 miles for the armed forces charity support the walk. Raising money for veterans in both nations, the team will start in LA this summer and walk across America until they reach the finish line in New York, 14 weeks later. Prince Harry and the Uk ambassador met with four of the team as they prepare for the challenge, which Prince Harry said would be ‘as rewarding as it is testing’.♥️ اطلق الأمير هاري اليوم “Walk Of America” ​​، حيث يسعى ستة من المحاربين القدامى من كلا الفِرق من المحيط الأطلسي لمسافة 1000 ميل من اجل دعم القوات المسلحة الخيرية للمشي. جُمعت الأموال للمحاربين القدماء في كلا البلدين (أمريكا و المملكة المتحدة) ، وسيبدأ الفريق في لوس انجلوس هذا الصيف عبر أمريكا حتى تصل إلى خط النهاية في نيويورك ، بعد 14 اسبوعا. التقى الأمير هاري وسفير المملكة المتحدة بأربعة من الفريق وهم يستعدون للتحدي ،و قال الأمير هاري إنه سيكون “مجزياً”.♥️ . #Princeharry ,#الامير_هاري #royalfamily ,#royal #princessdiana ,#UK

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It takes someone with a lot of charisma and energy to lead the Commonwealth Trust, and the Queen thinks he is the perfect person to do it! This is a huge honor for Harry, as the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust is an impactful organization that helps people all over the globe.

Everyone knows by now that Prince Harry has been named by the his grandmother as the President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. Please see photo. The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust has several projects. The main ones are “eradicating hunger with excess food, helping children gain an education, and the African Prisons Project, which helps inmates at prisons in Uganda and Kenya by providing access to legal services and legal training while within prison. Prince Harry would take on a bigger role in the Commonwealth to make the organisation relevant to a younger generation”, according to an article in a magazine. #QueenElizabethII #QueenElizabeth #Queen #Britishmonarchy #PrinceHarry #PrinceHenryofWales #QueensCommonwealthTrust #QueensCommonweathTrustPresident #CommonwealthTrust #CommoneralthTrustPresident #London #England #UnitedKingdom

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The Commonwealth Trust has a network of 53 countries, and it aims to help promote projects focused on education, health, the environment, and sports. Harry is known for his humanitarian work, as is his fiancé Meghan, so they are the perfect people to put in charge of this!

“It’s a very astute move giving Prince Harry a non-political, global role, drawing on his charisma and energy to help keep the Commonwealth and its headship relevant to a younger generation. This is soft-power diplomacy,” said Dr. Sue Onslow, a deputy director Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London.

The Queen clearly can’t wait to see Harry marry Meghan! SHARE this story if you are looking forward to the royal wedding as well!

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