Police Use TV Theme Song To Identify Missing Dog

Siberian Huskies are known for being one of the most vocal breeds of dog around. Though they rarely bark, they often whine, moan, and even chirp. Though this attribute can make the Siberian Husky an annoyance for some, it was the vocalness of this breed of dog that just reunited one Siberian Husky with his owner!

The owner had reported to police that his Siberian Husky was missing in the city of Beersheba in the Southern District of Israel. A dog fitting the description of the missing canine was then found by a group of teenagers at an archeological site outside of Beersheba. The weakened and malnourished dog was handed over to police, who gave the animal medical aid.

Police called up the man who had reported his dog missing and asked him to come to the station to see if this dog was his. The owner had a better idea, telling the officers that there was a quick and easy way he could immediately find out if this was his dog or not. He instructed the cops to play the dog’s favorite songs, and if the Siberian Husky started to sing along, they would know that it was his.

The officers played the theme song from the Israeli TV show “Shemesh” as well as the theme song for the Canadian/American children’s programme “Arthur” titled “Believe In Yourself” by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. Sure enough, the Siberian Husky perked up and began to sing along to the songs!

The officers let the owner know that his dog had been found, and he rushed over to have an emotional reunion with his four-legged friend.

“I cried the whole way here,” the man said as he held his dog. “You poor thing. Thank you, thank you so much.”

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