Meet The Singing Nurse Who has Been Wheeling Patients Around In Style For 31 Years

Lindon Beckford is a nurse who has been going above and beyond at his job for over 30 years.

After being given the task of transporting patients from operating rooms back to where they are staying, Lindon realized that he could spread joy to them in an unlikely way. The patients are often terrified in the unfamiliar hospital hallways, and Lindon goes out of his way to make sure they feel comfortable and safe.

Instead of just wheeling the patients around in silence, Lindon always begins by introducing himself, saying, “My name is Lindon and I’ll be your chauffeur.” He then begins singing to his patients as he wheels them down corridors, easing their fears with the power of music!

In the 31 years Lindon has been doing this, some of his patients have been so touched by his singing that they have burst into tears. Once he realized how much patients enjoyed his singing, Lindon even began taking requests, and some patients even sing along with him! He loves bringing his patients joy in this amazingly unique way!

Being serenaded by Lindon makes his patients feel special, and suddenly, their operations don’t seem so scary anymore. For just a few minutes, their minds are taken off of their medical issues and they can escape through Lindon’s music.

Many people just do their jobs every day simply for a paycheck without going above and beyond at all. Lindon could easily just wheel people around all day in stoic silence and make the same amount of money, yet he has decided to do so much more than what his job requires. Find out more about Lindon in the video below, and SHARE this story so your friends and family can see this as well!

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