If You Can Find Your Name In This Puzzle, Experts Say Your Brain Is Well Above Average

Your brain is one of the most important muscles in your body, and just like with any other muscle, it is crucial that you exercise your brain!

One of the best ways you can exercise your brain is by doing brainteaser puzzles. For example, crossword puzzles are great for exercising the language part of your brain, while jigsaw puzzles put your parietal lobes to work.

A tricky word search puzzle is going viral this week, and it’s sure to give your brain a workout! This may look simple at first, but we promise you it is anything but that! Experts say that if you are actually able to solve this puzzle, you have a well above average brain!

To solve this puzzle, look at the block of text below and try and find your name. Sounds easy, right? Don’t rush, however, because this puzzle is way harder than it looks.

Most people who try this puzzle get frustrated very quickly as they realize that solving it is no easy task after all. If you want to see the solution to this puzzle, scroll down a bit!

Ok, here is the solution!

That’s right, you were actually supposed to look for “YOUR NAME!” Most people, myself included, end up looking for their actual names and never end up finding them!

Whether you were able to solve this puzzle or not, it certainly gave your brain a healthy workout! SHARE this puzzle so your friends and family can give this a try and see if they have what it takes to solve it!

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