As someone who has lived in a city my whole life, I’m always looking for plants that are easy to grow indoors. Now that spring is finally here, we’ve compiled a list of eight plants that are easy for you to regrow inside your own house!

You don’t need a garden to grow these plants, and all you need for some of them is just a kitchen counter!


This is one of the easiest plants you can regrow at home because you can get an endless supply of this herb from just one plant. You can grow Basil in a cup of water on your counter and then transfer it to a pot once it starts growing roots!

Sweet Potatoes

These can be a bit trickier to grow because sweet potatoes sprout from “slips,” which are slim, green shoots that grow on the potatoes. If you know what you’re doing, however, you can get dozens of slips from just half of one potato, which will save you lots of money.


All you need for this is a few tomato seeds and some potting soil! Once you plant the seeds, you will soon have plump red fruit that you can use in many different ways! We must warn you to make sure that these plants stay warm and get plenty of water while they grow.


Simply save the bottom from a head of cabbage and put it in a little water, then leave it in the sun. Over the next few days, you can harvest new leaves or plant the cabbage when it starts to grow roots!

Scallions aka Green Onions

These are very easy to grow with very little effort. Scallions can sprout out of a shot glass and grow fully back in less than seven days! Now that’s my kind of plant!


Save the tops of carrots and leave them in a container with a little water. In no time, the carrots will sprout into flavorful and tasty carrot greens!


You can grow this by placing mint cuttings in water. After a few days, you can either transfer the mint to soil or harvest it regularly!


This vegetable does not require very much attention to grow. Simply put a celery bottom in a container and add water, then put it in your window so it can get sunlight. All you have to do after that is watch as it sprouts into a whole new plant!

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