Girls Sing Daddy Happy Birthday – Watch How Baby On The Right Reacts When He Blows Out His Candles

Birthdays are a magical time for anyone, but especially small children! Regardless of whose birthday it is, kids always get excited to celebrate the occasion and sing the “Happy Birthday” song.

When it was this father’s birthday, his six little daughters and his wife gathered around him to sing him “Happy Birthday.” However, things didn’t quite go according to plan when the dad blew out his candles…

Though we all know the words of “Happy Birthday,” most of us don’t know where the song came from. It turns out that the song is believed to have been composed by Kentucky sisters Patty and Mildred Hill in the 1890s. However, it originally was not a birthday song and was instead written as a good morning tune! The original words were “Good morning to you” instead of “happy birthday to you!” Who would have thought?!

It was composer Robert H. Coleman who changed the words to “Happy Birthday,” and the song has been sung that way ever since!

After the family below was done singing the classic birthday song, the dad blew out all his candles as his family looked on.

However, nobody was expecting the little babies to have such a strong reaction to him blowing out the candles! Clearly, the little girls had never seen this done before, and their reaction could not be more adorable!

Thank goodness the mom had the camera rolling for this one! The unexpected reaction from the little ones are quite funny! SHARE this story so your friends and family can see this cute video as well!

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