Gas Station Offers Funny Message To Customers

An ExtraMile convenience store and Chevron gas station in Seattle, Washington has been making locals laugh for over a decade with the unique signs that are put up outside it.

With the motto “If you can bring it, we can fill it,” the company was trying to figure out a way to bring in more customers for their business. Their solution to this ended up being the Wallingford Sign, which has only 4 lines and 17 letters per line. Despite the lack of space, the store has managed to use the sign to capture the attention of the entire nation, as people can’t get enough of the hilarious words on it!

Each week, the gas station owners change the sign to a new funny message. We’ve compiled some of the best ones below, and they’re sure to make you giggle!

Sometimes, the signs get political:

Other times, the sign offers everyday wisdom:

One week, the sign highlighted the importance of family:

Another week, the sign made a joke about science:

Another sign made it clear that the store owners are ready for the weekend!

Finally, the sign made a hilarious joke about sports:

We applaud this convenience store with coming up with such a unique way to brighten up people’s days! Most store owners would never even think of using the sign outside their business to put up funny messages. The sign has paid off in a huge way for the business, and people from all over the U.S. look forward to seeing the new message each week!

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