Baby Triplets Are Told It’s Time To Eat – What They Do Next Is Adorable

When this mother announced that it was time to eat, she certainly wasn’t expecting her baby triplets to do this!

The video opens with brothers Brandon, Christian and Aiden watching their mother place their bottles right in their line of sight. The boys are all clearly both hungry and competitive, because as soon as the mother moved her hand, her sons started battling for their meals in a hilarious way!

These adorable little boys have come up with a way to turn their mealtime into an epic game! Though they aren’t old enough to tell each other the words verbally, they all seem to instinctively know how to play. Their mother can’t help but laugh as her boys charge towards her!

The mother cheered on her boys as they battled it out, letting it be known that she is their biggest fan!

I must say that I was surprised to see how fast these little babies sped across the floor! This mother may have some track and field stars on her hands in a few years!

The triplets are so focused on the race that at some point, it seems like they forget about the bottles altogether.

It’s obvious that these are three VERY competitive little boys who will grow into some very competitive teenagers and men! They all definitely have exciting futures ahead of them, and with the support of their mother, they are each set to go far in life!

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