5 Things You Should Never Cook In a Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are a staple in a home where good cooking happens every day, but did you know that there are certain things you should never cook in a cast iron skillet if you want your skillet to last for generations to come? Even the most seasoned cooks sometimes don’t realize these things until it’s too late and they’ve ruined their favorite skillet.

While seasoning a cast iron skillet can make it virtually non-stick, there are still certain foods and dishes that can ruin a cast iron skillet in no time flat. Check out this list of things to avoid the next time you use your cast iron skillet to cook a homemade meal.

1. Sweet, sticky, delicious desserts – These scrumptious desserts may seem like the perfect recipe to make in your favorite cast iron pan, but you couldn’t be further from right. Cast iron has a rough surface, even when seasoned, so if you cook a sticky dessert in cast iron, you will ruin it trying to get it out of the pan. Plus, if your skillet has been perfectly seasoned, your sweet dessert will turn out tasting more savory than sweet.

2. Tomato sauce – If you cook any acidic sauce in your cast iron pan, you run the risk of ruining your cast iron. The acid eats away at the surface and will ruin any seasoning you might have done to your favorite pan, plus your sauce will end up tasting more metallic than you probably want it to.

3. Omelets – It may seem like a good idea to cook eggs in a skillet, but if you’ve ever tried, you’d know that’s not true. Eggs will stick to even the most seasoned cast iron skillet and you’ll spend your morning scraping egg residue off the pan instead of enjoying your fresh cooked breakfast. Trust us, you don’t even want to try.

4. Fried Rice – Nearly everyone loves a good fried rice, and while cast iron may give your rice the crispiness you desire, it will also ruin your pan. The rice will stick and ruin the integrity of your favorite cast iron skillet making it to where you won’t be able to pass it on to generations after you are done with it. Instead, use a wok for this tasty dish. You and your cast iron skillet will be glad you did.

5. Delicate Fish – While fish like cod and halibut may be healthy for you, they aren’t so healthy for your cast iron skillet. While you may get the nutrients still from the fish, it will likely stick and result in a taste and mess that you don’t want. Instead, save steakier fish like tuna and salmon for your cast iron skillet. These fish hold up much better when being cooked in cast iron.

We hope these simple tips will keep your cast iron skillet in good shape for years to come!


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