If you’re having a bad day, here’s a happy little story that is sure to raise your spirits!

All of us have experience the unruly, impatient child at the supermarket making a scene by screaming and shouting. Whether the screaming kid belongs to you or someone else, it’s never fun to have to listen to the shrills of a child echoing throughout the whole store. This can be awkward and somewhat embarrassing, but one grandfather has a very special method of dealing with his rowdy 3 year-old grandson.

A woman noticed that the grandfather was having trouble with the toddler, who was screaming for sweets and treats. As they walked through the grocery store, the grandfather repeated over and over, “Easy, William, we won’t be long, Easy, boy.”

As the boy continued to cause trouble, the grandfather said, “It’s okay William, just a couple more minutes and we’ll be out of here. Hang in there, boy.” When they got to the checkout line, the toddler threw items out of the cart in a last bid for attention, and his grandpa said, “William, William, relax buddy, don’t get upset. We’ll be home in five short minutes; stay cool, William.”

Impressed by how calm the grandfather stayed, the woman approached him as he went to his car.

“It’s none of my business, but you were amazing in there,” she told him. “I don’t know how you did it. That whole time, you kept your composure and no matter how loud and disruptive he got, you just calmly kept saying things would be okay. William is very lucky to have you as his grandpa.”

“Thanks,” said the grandfather, “but I’m William. The little brat’s name is Kevin.”

HA! Anyone with children will relate to this!

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