This Baby Girl’s Reaction to Her Daddy Will Melt Your Heart

For those of us lucky enough to have children, we probably remember their very first bath. We gently laid them in the warm water and soothingly washed the water over them as they relaxed and enjoyed their first experience. All of our babies first experiences are something we remember and treasure. The baby in this bath had her first bath with her father and it’s likely not one that her daddy will ever forget.

While some babies fuss and squirm during bath time, most babies are more like the one in this video. She’s cradled gently in her dad’s arms while he pours trickles of water over her. She’s relaxed and comfortable while safe in her daddy’s arms. He talks to her and loves on her while she relaxes for bedtime in the warm water.

Her dad can be heard in the video telling her not to relax so much that she makes a mess in the tub; he doesn’t want to even see one tiny bubble. The baby’s mom, who is recording the video, chuckles at her husband’s words.

The baby girl seems to smile a few times as she’s being bathed and her dad asks her if she’s hungry to which she opens her mouth wide. Whether that was a resounding yes or a great big yawn we may never know. What we do know is this daddy loves his little girl very much.

Towards the end of the video, the little miss must have gotten a bit of water in her tiny nose because she produces the cutest little baby sneeze ever. Just watching her relax in the tub makes me want to go sink into a warm bathtub too.


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