She Was Bullied When She Posted Her Engagement Photos Online, But She Just Got The Last Laugh!

When Mzznaki Tetteh became engaged to her longtime boyfriend in June of 2016, she could not wait to celebrate by posting her engagement photos online. Unfortunately, the Ghanian nurse was stunned when Instagram users immediately began body shaming and bullying her after her photos were uploaded.

Mzznaki, who does not typically post photos of herself and her fiancé Kojo Amoah online, was ridiculed for her weight by social media users.

“RIP that man’s spine,” one user commented.

“I gotta hand it to him his arms are stronger than my last relationship,” wrote another.

These comments would have broken many young women, but Mzznaki was not about to let some haters ruin her special day. Instead, she chose to focus on the positive comments she had received from those who love her.

“Still confident … your rubbish comments ain’t ruining my happiness … thanks to all for the compliments and best wishes … am honored,” Mzznaki wrote defiantly as a caption to one of her photos.

Mzznaki later got the last laugh when she got to walk down the aisle and marry the love of her life. In fact, the hate they received only brought Mzznaki and Kojo closer together as a couple, as he stood by her throughout the entire ordeal.

“I just can’t imagine what I will do if I didn’t have you to hold my hands and look into my eyes to tell me as yours forever,” she wrote on social media about her husband. “Just wanna let u know that the flames of passion between us will never be extinguished. You are the reason why I smile and why our love thrives between miles.”

“I can BOLDLY say am the luckiest woman to have a HUSBAND like you and I want the whole world to know that you will forever be the man for me,” she said. “Am glad I got the dibs for you. For you are a rare species and probably the last of the world’s best husbands.”

Take that, haters! We wish Mzznaki and Kojo the best of luck in their new life together!

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