Owner Tells Dog He Bought A Kitten – Watch How The Canine Reacts

All of us who own dogs would love it if our beloved pets could talk to us. It would be awesome to actually hear what our best friends are thinking as if they were humans as well.

In this video, one owner decides to give his dog the ability to talk in a hilarious way! Knowing that he could not actually make his dog speak, this owner decided to do his pet’s commentary himself!

The video opens with the dog dad talking to his puppy and telling him he just got back from a trip to the pet store. The owner then gives his dog a voice over, creating the illusion that he is actually talking back to him! Things get especially funny when the dog starts expressing his excitement that his owner may have gotten him a kitten.

Dogs and cats are often believed to not get along, but the canine in this video clearly did not get that memo. He wants a kitten more than anything else, and you’ll have to watch the video below to see if his wish comes true!

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