Lucy Parke was only 8 years-old when she passed away in January, but her little body looked much older than that.

Born on November 10, 2009, Lucy was nine months old when her parents, Stephanie and David Parke, were told that she had Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome, a rare condition that made her age eight times faster than other children. Commonly known as Progeria, this disease causes rapid aging in children, with symptoms including slow growth and hair loss typically beginning before the child is a year old.

The average life expectancy of a child with Progeria is just 13 years, and sadly, there is no cure.

The disease first began to show itself in Lucy when she was four months-old, when she began experiencing contractions of her knees and ankles and underwent a hip operation. The little girl later had heart problems, arthritis, and severe hardening of her arteries.

Lucy passed away on New Year’s Day surrounded by her family and friends in Ballyward, Co Down, Ireland. To honor their daughter, Stephanie and David put a rainbow on Lucy’s small pink casket. The rainbow reminded them of Lucy because despite all the suffering she went through in life, she always kept a positive attitude and a smile on her face.

“Our special girl could fight no more, Her body was weak but her heart was strong, Her love for life and wonderful smile, Made us proud to be her parents,” Stephanie and David said 0f their daughter. “We have lost our precious Lucy, The past year was hard and our hearts are broken, And tears are flowing. Just photos, videos and memories left. But your life was not in vain, We know you are in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ. We are so thankful for everything you have taught us, the hugs, the laughs and smiles you gave us. The last eight years have been amazing, thank you Lucy and thank you God. We will miss you every single day. Daddy, Mummy, Jake, Jenny and Ben.”

Please pray for Lucy’s family as they still grieve for this brave little girl!

Lucy Parke

Thanks to everyone in our church family who has prayed for Lucy. You may have heard that the Lord took her home on January 1st. Please continue to pray for her mum and dad, Stephanie and David, her siblings, Jake, Jenny and Ben, her grandparents William and Ethel, Harold and Clare, and the whole family. Attached is a little video clip of Lucy in better days. Thank you all again.

Posted by Townhill Presbyterian Church on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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