Here Are The Top 15 Best Golden Retriever Photos That Prove They Are The Cutest Dogs On Earth

If you’re anything like me, you think that Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the most adorable dogs on the planet. Both of these breeds are known for being obedient and easy to train as well as for their silly and fun-loving natures, which makes them a blast to be around!

In case you need any convincing that Labradors and Golden Retrievers really are the best, we’ve compiled the best fifteen photos of these breeds that we could find on the internet. Scroll through these and let us know which photo is your favorite!

1. These dogs can’t get enough of the little kittens in the window!

2. “I asked this woman if I could see the puppies in her trunk, then I snapped this quick pic!”

3. There is WAY too much cuteness in this photo!

4. “My Golden Retriever after not seeing me for nine months.”

5. This 13 year-old dog is taking an 8 month-old puppy for his morning walk.

6. These three dogs are settling in for an afternoon nap!

7. This dog is wearing his cat friend as a hat!

8. This 16 week-old chocolate Lab is named Milo, and he’s just a laid back puppy!

9. They’ve got a very special delivery in their mailbox!

10. “My Golden Retriever is too scared to jump this ladder that is half the size of him.”

11. This puppy just wants to come out and play!

12. This dog appears to be thinking VERY deeply about something!

13. This dog just had a ton of fun playing in the mud.

14. This is what we like to call a pupholder!

15. He loved to hang out in the fridge as a puppy, but now he can’t fit anymore!

Which pup was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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