Father Tells His Baby ‘No Crying’ – Her Response Is Going Viral!

There’s nothing cuter than watching a father bond with his baby daughter. In the video below this story, you’ll see a father and his cheeky little girl have a conversation that can really only happen between a dad and his little princess!

The video opens with the one month-old baby girl having a bit of a rough time, as she has just come down from a massive crying fit. Her dad is holding her trying to calm her down with his words, and when the mother saw what was happening, she knew immediately that she had to record it.

The mother explained that the baby had been constantly smiling at them since she was one week old. Some would attribute this to gassiness, but the baby’s parents are convinced that she really is just a happy little girl! Now that she’s not smiling, however, her dad decides to have a heart to heart with her to try and cheer her up.

Looking the baby straight in the eye, the dad says, “We need to have a conversation now. You were sitting very quietly and all of a sudden, you started crying. I need to know why.”

The girl stares back at her dad with a sly little grin. It’s as if the baby is saying, “yeah, I’m cute, and I know it!”

“I’m curious. Go ahead and tell me why you were crying. I would like to know,” the dad continues.

The girl smiles again and sticks out her tongue cheekily. She knows she already has her dad wrapped around her finger!

The dad then gives her a pep talk, saying “You’re an adult now. Almost four weeks out. There is no more crying.”

The little baby then does something so cute that the mother immediately breaks out laughing. You’ll have to see it for yourself in the video below!

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