Chair Designed by Dad Determined to Leave No One Out

Hal Taylor had been an avid reader all his life, so much so that he was determined to instill his love of reading in his children, even before they were born. He started reading to them in their mother’s womb, and continued the tradition after they were born. The problem came when his third child was born and he ran out of room on his lap in their traditional rocking chair. He was determined to do something about it.

Hal says when his daughter Rose was born, that left his oldest daughter, Rachel, standing on the floor beside the rocking chair during story time. He didn’t feel that was fair to Rachel and he wanted to figure out a way to be able to fit all three of his children on his lap so none of them would feel left out.

A woodworker for over 24 years, Hal went to work in his shop to make the perfect chair, and what he came up with will blow your mind. The StoryTime Rocking Chair has one big seat in the middle for the adult, as well as a smaller seat on each side for two additional children. No one gets left out when grandpa decides to read a story in this chair!

Using his woodcrafting skills, Hal uses over 260 pieces of hand planed wood to create the furniture wonder. He says that is more pieces than you will find in 20 regular rocking chairs. Each chair is hand crafted by Hal specifically for each family that buys a StoryTime Rocking Chair.

The price for this beautiful piece of handywork? Just $9,500. While Hal says some people think that’s a big price to pay, he says the attention he pays to the craftsmanship of each chair is worth the expense.

When looking at the price tag, he says to consider this. “Of all the things I have spent money on in the past 20 years, how many of them will ever be used by my great grandchildren?” Hal says his chairs will last for generations.

The StoryTime Rocking Chair is no doubt a beautiful, sentimental piece of furniture but what are your thoughts? Is $9,500 a bit too steep or does it make story time with your little ones more special?

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