Daughter’s Quick Actions Save Her Mother’s Life

The day would start out just like any other morning. Christie Cunningham had gotten ready to go to work, while her eight-year-old daughter Kailey George had gotten ready for school. Kailey wasn’t feeling the best that morning, but it would be Kailey that would save Christie before the day was over.

Christie had decided to leave work early because she began to feel ill during the day. She planned to stop by her daughter’s school, Vision Charter School, and pick up Kailey, who hadn’t been feeling well that morning either. The two headed home to get some rest.

Once the pair reached the house, Christie’s back began hurting. She used a foam roller to try to ease the pain, but it wouldn’t let up. Kailey, noticing that something wasn’t right with her mom, offered Christie a glass of water.

Christie, a nurse herself, didn’t notice how much trouble she was having, but Kailey immediately picked up on her mother’s weakness in her arm. Christie had stumbled to the ground when using the foam roller, had been talking oddly, and now was having trouble using her arm. Kailey sprung in to action against her mother’s wishes.

Kailey called her father and explained that something was wrong with her mom. After listening to Christie talk on the phone, he immediately called 911 to get her help. Christie was rushed to the hospital where she was treated quickly for a stroke.

Unbeknownst to Christie, she had a hole in her heart, likely there since birth. She had never had symptoms until that day. Doctors said a blood clot escaped through the hole in her heart and entered her brain causing the stroke.

Christie went through surgery to repair the hole in her heart and survived the stroke, likely due to the quick actions of her daughter who knew that something was wrong with her mother. Had Kailey not been there to call for help, things could have turned out a lot worse for Christie.

Kailey received a Life Saving Award from the Canyon County Paramedics for her quick thinking that saved the life of her mother. We’re proud of this young girl and definitely think she deserves this accolade!

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