Wife Texts Husband She Found Stray “Puppy” To Play With Their Son, Husband Looks Closer And Realizes It’s NOT A Dog!

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Kayla Elby, her husband, and two kids live in Oregon. She texted her husband Justin letting him know that she had found a cute looking “puppy” and decided to bring him inside, subsequently sending him pictures of the pup cuddled up next to their son. Kayla decided to name the dog “Spot” and sent photos of their son and “Spot” together trying to persuade him to keep him.

That’s when Justin took a closer look at the photo and realized something wasn’t adding up. “Spot” looked like he was cuddled into a little ball next to their son, who looked ecstatic he had a new furry friend in his life. But, something wasn’t right about the photo – can you spot it? It looks more like a coyote!

Justin quickly texted back pointing out that “Spot was actually a coyote, leading to a heated exchange – with Kayla refusing to believe him. Screenshots of this hilarious/terrifying exchange follow, leading to a big surprise from Kayla, revealing she has some clever friends.

The post by Kayla Elby on Facebook has over 500,000 likes and shares.

Warning: This post and the text exchange has some graphic language. Mainly the “f” bomb.

Here’s the original post on Facebook – not to worry, based on the photo below it looks like Justin has a great sense of humor!

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