Homeless Man Asks Coffee Shop Owner For Money, After She Lets Him In THIS Happens…

A homeless man walked along Minneapolis’ Lake Street, eventually wandering into a cafe owned by Cesia Abigal. He begged her for money, instead of turning him away she asked: “Why don’t you have a job? You know nothing is given to me for free, right?”

Shyly turning away and avoiding eye contact Marcus replied: “Well, I have a lot of felonies and no one wants to hire me for that. So, now I had to turn myself to the streets and get money the only way I know — stealing and asking for money.”

Cesia Abigail, 25 years old had hit a rough patch in her business. Despite that, she decided to make Marcus the following offer, if he worked for the day washing dishes she would give him food.

Via CBS: “You want a job? Then I have one for you,” Abigail told him.

With a big grin, the man gladly accepted the woman’s offer: “I will do anything for food.”

“A lot of people are saying I’ve been a blessing for him, but at that point I was the one who needed a blessing,” Abigail told CBS News.

After Marcus had completed his shift, he was offered a sandwich by Abigail. Before enjoying it himself he wrapped half of it up and gave it to a homeless woman he saw across the street. Abigail told CBS “That really touched me”.

Abigail could only afford to pay Marcus for two hours of work, after which he left, what surprised her is he showed up the very next day.


For two weeks since Marcus first wandering in to the cafe, he’s returned to complete his two hours of cleaning work.

“Some restaurants wouldn’t even let you use their restrooms,” Abigail told CBS “I don’t judge someone on how they look — go use it. I do not treat [homeless people] any different.”

Cesia took to Facebook to share the story, which has received over 250,000 likes and shares on Facebook, that post follows:

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